Best BABY photoshoot in Delhi

While every parent loves their Newborns, the people of Delhi celebrate the arrival of newborn with great pomp and show. To all the celebrations of newborn, another one which has got added in last few years is baby photoshoot in Delhi. Barkha is considered the best newborn photographer of Delhi NCR. Baby photoshoots in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR by Memories by Barkha are the most beautiful and splendid experiences. While Barkha creates the most beautiful setups of the baby, her uniqueness lies in capturing the innocence of the baby in its natural form. Barkha does that in the most beautiful manner.

She has taken her training of newborn photography under the best International photographers for the safety and posing in newborn. For e.g. by Ana Brandt of USA and Anja McDonalds of Australia. Barkha has got Canon Maestro title and multiple international awards for her newborn photography. She is considered the best newborn photographer of Delhi. Clients come from all parts of Delhi for their newborn photoshoot - Saket, Malviaya Nagar, Chanakyapuri, Greater Kailash, Adarsh Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Punjabi Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, RK Puram, Shanti Niketan, Vasant Vihar, Panchsheel Park etc. Book your baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR now.
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Best Baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR

Barkha is considered the best newborn photographer in Delhi not because of her international awards. It is because every 400+ newborn parents that Barkha did the baby photoshoot in Delhi of. These parents vouch for Barkha’s expertise in newborn photography and her unique beautiful style of capturing newborn photographs. The most important aspect during newborn photography is the safety of the baby. Barkha ensures that baby is never uncomfortable during the photoshoot.

Most creative baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR 

Over time Barkha has created amazing setups for the newborn babies. She has furs, wraps, headbands, props etc collected from throughout the world. She is one of the few newborn photographers in India who create their own props for the baby. Canon awarded Barkha with the title – Canon maestro. Its one of the most prestigious titles by Canon. You can watch How newborn photoshoot is done here in a video.  Dreamcatcher, floral wreaths etc few of the many newborn baby props that Barkha has created on her own. The artist in Barkha always makes her create something new in every newborn photoshoot. Yourstory has captured the story of Barkha really well. 

For baby photoshoot in Gurgaon by Barkha, Client come for their newborn photoshoot from all parts of Delhi – Saket, Malviaya Nagar, Chanakyapuri, Greater Kailash, Adarsh Nagar, Mayur Vihar, Punjabi Bagh, Lajpat Nagar, RK Puram, Shanti Niketan, Vasant Vihar, Panchsheel Park etc. Book your baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR now.

What is the best Time for a Baby Photoshoot

Choosing the right time for a baby photoshoot is essential to capture those adorable moments of your little one. At Memories by Barkha, we recommend scheduling your baby photoshoot within the first three weeks after birth. During this time, newborns are typically sleepier, making it easier to pose them peacefully. However, we understand that each baby is unique, and we can accommodate photoshoots up to six weeks old. We have immense expertise and patience to work with babies of all ages, capturing their innocence and joy in captivating photographs.


Preserving Memories: Why Baby Photoshoots Are Worth It

You may wonder if a baby photoshoot is worth it, and we believe it is an investment that will bring you lifelong happiness. Babies grow and change so quickly, and capturing those early moments is truly priceless. A professional baby photoshoot allows you to freeze those fleeting moments in time, creating precious memories that you can cherish for years to come. We are skilled in creating a comfortable and safe environment for your little one, ensuring their personality shines through in each photograph. Whether it’s their first smile or tiny fingers and toes, a baby photoshoot is an opportunity to beautifully document their journey from the very beginning.

Tips for Selecting Your Perfect Baby Photographer

While researching for best baby photographer in Delhi NCR, it is essential to find someone who understand the unique needs of infants. Your baby photographer should be skilled and experienced in handling infants. Sharing tips to find that perfect baby photographer for your little one: 

1. Baby Photography Experience and Portfolio:    

Look through the profiles of several baby photographers in Delhi, Gurgaon to find someone whose work really speaks to you. Ensure that that have enough experience of handling infants and capturing these beautiful tiny humans. For our latest work, look at our Instagram or reach out to us via whatsapp

2. Safety Measures undertaken in baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR

You should definitely ask your baby photographer about the safety measures that they take for the baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR. We specialise in baby led shoots where baby’s safety and comfort are given utmost importance. From hygienic props and wraps, temperature controlled environment and safe handling of the baby, we ensure that our baby photoshoots are safe and enjoyable experience for the baby. 

3. Patience and Flexibility in baby photoshoots in Delhi NC:

Newborns can be unpredictable and thats why it is important that your baby photographer should be patient, flexible and gentle with babies. Your baby photographer should be able to safely handle your baby and create a relaxed environment for the shoot. A baby photoshoot can sometimes take longer than expected depending upon how settled the baby is. Your baby photographer should be skilled in settling down the baby and capture amazing images at the right moment. 

4. Client Reviews and Testimonials of baby photoshoot:

Its important that during your research to find the best baby photographer for best baby photoshoot in Delhi, you read their reviews and testimonials. You should find what previous clients had to say about the quality of the work, satisfaction of handling of babies and parent’s overall experience. In our case, all parents would vouch for the care and love with which newborns are handled during the baby photoshoot in Delhi. Barkha has perfected the art of baby photoshoots through years of experience and doing 1000s of baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR

How to Prepare for Your Baby Photoshoot in Delhi NCR

Preparing for a baby photoshoot needs planning to ensure a comfortable and hassle free experience. Some tips for a great baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR are as follows: 

  • Schedule your baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR in Advance: Contact Memories by Barkha to book your baby photoshoot ahead of time. This will allow us to secure a date and prepare for your baby photoshoot in advance. 
  • Discuss Your Vision with your baby photographer: Share your ideas and aspirations for the baby photoshoot with us. We can help you determine the style, setting, and props that will best reflect your vision and will match your and baby’s personality
  • Gather Props and Outfits: If desired, gather any special props or outfits you’d like to include in the photos. We also provide huge collection of adorable props for baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR
  • Feed and Nap Time: Plan for a baby photoshoot time when your baby is well-rested and fed. This will help keep them comfortable and content during the photoshoot. Our team will suggest the best time for baby photoshoot. 
  • Relax and Have Fun: Trust our expertise of baby photography and enjoy the experience. Babies can sense when their parents are relaxed, which helps create a calm and joyful atmosphere for the baby photoshoot in Delhi

Combined Maternity and Baby Photoshoot Packages

At Memories by Barkha, we understand that capturing the journey from pregnancy to welcoming your baby is an amazing experience. That’s why we offer combined maternity and baby photoshoot combo packages. These packages allow you to document and preserve the transformative moments of your pregnancy and the early stages of your baby’s life. Our talented team will guide you through the process, creating timeless and breathtaking photographs that celebrate the beauty and love surrounding this remarkable chapter in your life.

Maternity and Baby Photoshoot Studio Location of Memories by Barkha

Our studio is conveniently located in Gurgaon, India, making it accessible to clients in Gurgaon and the surrounding areas. its very near to Galleria market in Gurgaon. By visiting our studio, you can experience a comfortable and professional environment where we can produce stunning photographs that capture the precious moments of your baby’s early days. Contact us to schedule your baby photoshoot and visit our studio to create lasting memories with Memories by Barkha.

Book your maternity and baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR now

We get new parents coming for baby photoshoot to our Studio in Gurgaon from several parts of the country. Most new parents from Delhi come to our studio who are looking for baby photoshoot in Lutyens, baby photoshoot in Chanakyapuri, baby photoshoot in Golf Links, baby photoshoot in Jor Bagh, baby photoshoot in Greater Kailash, baby photoshoot in Defence Colony, baby photoshoot in Vasant Vihar, baby photoshoot in Hauz Khas, baby photoshoot in New Friends Colony, baby photoshoot in Westend Greens, baby photoshoot in Connaught Place, baby photoshoot in Friends Colony, baby photoshoot in Panchsheel Park, baby photoshoot in Anand Niketan, baby photoshoot in Gulmohar Park, baby photoshoot in Sainik Farms, baby photoshoot in Maharani Bagh, baby photoshoot in Safdarjung Enclave, baby photoshoot in Green Park, baby photoshoot in South Extension, baby photoshoot in Vasant Kunj, baby photoshoot in Shanti Niketan, baby photoshoot in Nizamuddin East, baby photoshoot in Jor Bagh, baby photoshoot in Diplomatic Enclave, baby photoshoot in Rajouri Garden, baby photoshoot in Rohini, baby photoshoot in Saket, baby photoshoot in Punjabi Bagh, baby photoshoot in Niti Bagh, baby photoshoot in Sunder Nagar, baby photoshoot in Kailash Colony, baby photoshoot in Malviya Nagar and baby photoshoot in Dwarka

Plan your baby photoshoot and maternity photoshoot now. For booking baby photoshoot in gurgaon, baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR, maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, maternity photoshoot in Delhi NCR, please reach out to us through our Instagram or call/whatsapp us. We get booked 4-6 weeks in advance. So book your photoshoot 1-2 months before to get a comfortable slotco



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