Baby Photoshoot Packages (Newborn)

Capture the innocence of your little angels with the best newborn photographer of India

  • Classic
  • ₹ 14,990/- A mini session to capture the precious growing up memories of your little onne

    • One color theme with multiple variations
    • 1 Standard Prop
      (Standard Props - Heart, Basket, Moon, plank etc.)

    • Dresses, wraps, Fur, headbands, fluff, bonnets etc included

    • Parents shot at additional Rs 3500/-

    • 5 edited pictures

    • 15 un-edited pictures for selection

    • Digital copies only

    • Session time ~ 45 mins
    • View newborn gallery
  • Gold
  • ₹ 29,995/- A longer session with parents shots included. It has more variations that lets us capture different moods and emotions of the little baby

    • Two color themes with multiple variations
    • 1 Standard + 1 Signature Props
      (Standard props - Heart, Basket, Moon, plank etc Signature Prop - Dreamcatchers, Floral wreath, angelic canope, bucket etc)

    • Dresses, wraps, Fur, headbands, fluff, bonnets etc included

    • Parents shots included

    • 10 edited pictures

    • 25 un-edited pictures for selection

    • Digital copies only

    • Session time ~ 1hr 30 mins
    • View standard props
  • Premium
  • ₹ 44,995/- An exclusive session that offers wide variety of props and setups. Barkha's style of new born photography has got global accolades from photographers across US, Europe and Asia"

    • Three Color themes with multiple variations
    • 2 Standard + 2 Signature Props
      (Standard props - Heart, Basket, Moon, plank etc Signature Props - Dreamcatchers, Floral wreath, angelic canope, bucket etc)

    • Dresses, wraps, Fur, headbands, fluff, bonnets etc included

    • Parents shots included

    • 15 edited pictures

    • 35 un-edited pictures for selection

    • A premium 10x10" coffee table album + Digital copies

    • Session time ~ 2hr 30 mins
    • View signature props

ADD-ONs for Baby Photoshoot

For mommies who love more options

1. Belly Cast session: INR 12,500/-

(A beautiful cast is made on your belly while you are pregnant, and is preserved. Once the tiny one arrives, he or she is put into the cast and Barkha captures this physical and emotional bond of the baby with the mom)

2. Extra Color Theme: INR 10,000/-

(Add extra baby setup to any package)

3. Extra Edited Picture: INR 1200/- per picture

4. Extra prop: INR 5000/-

(Add any prop to your package)

5. Dress for the Mom: INR 5000/-

(Pick up a dress from our maternity collection for the beautiful Momma)

6. Lying down Baby and Mother shot: INR 3500/-

(A really beautiful shot capturing the bond between the Momma and the baby)

7. Picture reel video: INR 3500/-

(Add a one minute picture reel video – A slideshow video with your edited pictures, to tell the story of your beautiful photoshoot)

Please Note

1. You don’t need to carry any clothes for the baby. All wraps, clothes, fur etc are provided by us.

2. Rescheduling: For all our shoots, in case you need to need to reschedule, please inform our team at-least one week prior so that our team can utilise the time-slot booked for your shoot
3. Cancellation: Due to any unforeseen circumstances, in case you need to cancel the shoot, please inform our team asap. Your booking amount will be secured with us and available for any shoot within next one year. There is no refund policy. 

4. Copyright on images: All the final images are shared with our logo on them. We put our heart into every image. We do not provide the final images without our logo on them. We reserve the copyright on all our final images and can use the images on our social media and website. In case you do not wish for your images to be shared on social media, please purchase the copyright for Rs 10,000

Baby photoshoot packages in Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, NCR

1. Are parents pictures included in the baby photoshoot packages?

At Memories By Barkha, we believe that parents are an integral part of the newborn photoshoot experience. In all our packages, except for the classic package, parents’ pictures are included. We understand the emotions and the excitement that parents share for their newborn baby.. We make sure we capture this beautiful bond in a beautiful baby photoshoot.  However, even if you choose the classic package, you have the option to add parents’ shots as an additional inclusion. With Barkha, the best baby photographer in India, your baby photoshoot will truly be a complete and beautiful experience.

2. Are elder sibling images included in the baby photoshoot packages?

We understand that welcoming a new baby into the family is a special moment for everyone, including elder brother or sister. In all our packages, excluding the classic package, elder sibling images are included in the baby photoshoot packages. We believe in capturing the love and excitement shared between siblings, creating heartwarming memories that can be celebrated for a lifetime. Even if you opt for the classic package, you can choose to add elder sibling images as an additional inclusion, ensuring a comprehensive and delightful baby photoshoot experience.

3. What’s the ideal time for a newborn photoshoot?

The ideal time for a newborn photoshoot is within the first three weeks after birth. During this time, newborns are still sleepy. They are flexible, and easier to pose in the newborn poses, resulting in those adorable curled-up images that we all adore. However, we understand that every baby’s schedule is different, and circumstances might vary for parents. In exceptional cases, we can schedule a newborn photoshoot up to 40 days, ensuring that we capture those precious early moments of your little one’s life. With Memories By Barkha, you can trust that your baby’s comfort and safety are our top priorities. We always suggest to book your newborn photoshoot atleast 2 months in advance

4. If I book a maternity and newborn photoshoot combo package, how is the shoot date for the newborn photoshoot decided in advance?

When you book a maternity and newborn photoshoot combo package with Memories By Barkha, we understand that the exact arrival date of your baby might be unpredictable. Therefore, the shoot date for the newborn session will be decided in consultation with the parents once the baby arrives. We accommodate your schedule and ensure that you have the perfect timing for capturing those precious moments for your newborn. With Barkha’s expertise as one of India’s best baby photographers, you can trust that your newborn photoshoot will be scheduled at the most opportune time.

5. What happens if the baby is not settled during the newborn photoshoot?

At Memories By Barkha, we understand that babies can be unpredictable and may not always be settled during the baby photoshoot. However, Barkha has years of experience in newborn photography and is skilled in soothing and calming babies to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable session. We create a nurturing environment, providing gentle guidance and support throughout the process. Additionally, we also offer advice and tips to parents on how to prepare for the newborn photoshoot, helping to ensure a smooth and successful session. Rest assured, with Barkha’s expertise, your baby’s comfort and safety are always our top priorities in the baby photoshoot

6. What’s the duration of the baby photoshoot?

The duration of the baby photoshoot will vary depending upon the baby photoshoot package you choose. For our premium packages, the photoshoot can last up to two hours, allowing ample time to capture those precious moments in multiple colour variations. However, our classic packages typically have a duration of around 30-45 minutes, ensuring a quick and efficient session that still yields beautiful results. With Memories By Barkha, you can select the baby photoshoot package that best suits your needs and preferences.

7. Are photo frames or albums included in the baby photoshoot package?

At Memories By Barkha, we understand the importance of preserving your special moments. Our premium packages include a high-quality album where you can showcase your baby’s adorable photos. However, for our other packages, we provide soft copies of the images only. You can choose to print and frame these images yourself or opt for our premium package to receive a professionally crafted baby photoshoot album.

8. Will you share my images on social media?

As a premium maternity and baby photography brand, we take pride in capturing and showcasing the beautiful moments shared with our clients. By default, Memories By Barkha reserves exclusive copyright on all images from the baby photoshoot session, allowing us to use them on our website and social media platforms. However, we understand your privacy concerns. If you prefer not to have your images shared on social media, you have the option to waive the copyright by paying a nominal fee of Rs 10,000.

9. How much in advance should I book my baby photoshoot?

To ensure a comfortable slot for your baby photoshoot, we recommend booking your session 4-6 weeks in advance. This allows us to accommodate your preferred date and time, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. By planning ahead, you can secure your session with Barkha, one of the best baby photographers in India, and have peace of mind knowing that your precious moments will be captured beautifully.

10. What are unedited images and how do they differ from edited images?

During the baby photoshoot, we capture a series of images that are called ‘unedited’. These images are straight out of the camera and showcase the raw beauty of the moment. On the other hand, edited images undergo a detailed editing process, where Barkha, enhances the colors, adjusts the lighting, and retouches the photos to create stunning, polished results. Both unedited and edited images have their own unique charm, and you have the freedom to choose the ones that resonate with your preferences.

When it comes to capturing the precious moments of your baby’s journey, Memories By Barkha stands as the best baby photographer in India. With our expertise, attention to detail, and focus on baby’s comfort and safety, we ensure that your baby photoshoot experience is truly exceptional. Book your baby photoshoot in Gurgaon, baby photoshoot in Delhi, baby photoshoot in Noida, or Faridabad with us to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Baby photoshoots at Memories by Barkha are the most adorable experiences. Baby photography is not about using the most beautiful setups of the newborn baby. It’s about capturing the innocence of the newborn in its natural form. Barkha does that in the most beautiful manner. Barkha took her newborn photography training under the best International photographers from US, Australia and Europe for the safety and posing of newborn babies.

She is considered the best baby photographer not because of her international awards but because every 400+ newborn parents that Barkha did the photoshoot of, vouch for Barkha’s craft in newborn photography and her unique style of capturing newborn images. The most important aspect during newborn photography is the safety of the newborn and Barkha ensures that baby is never uncomfortable. Over time Barkha has created amazing setups for the newborn babies and has furs, wraps, headbands, props etc collected from throughout the world. She is one of the few newborn photographers in India who create their own props for the baby. Floral wreaths, Dreamcatcher etc are few of the many newborn baby props that Barkha has created on her own. The artist in Barkha always makes her create something new in every newborn photoshoot.

Clients come from Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Rohtak, Meerut etc for their newborn photoshoot. We get booked six weeks in advance for newborn slots. So if you are looking for newborn photoshoot, do book your slot six weeks before.

For booking a baby photoshoot in gurgaon, baby photoshoot in Delhi NCR, maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, maternity photoshoot in Delhi NCR, please call us or whatsapp us. You can also reach out through our Instagram

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