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As you embark on the journey through parenthood, preserving every milestone becomes a cherished priority. Understanding that, ‘Memories by Barkha’ is committed to capturing the pure essence of your newborn with a finesse that echoes through our portfolio of tender, heartfelt moments. I’m Barkha, and today I’ll be sharing invaluable tips to ensure your baby photoshoot in Gurgaon is an embodiment of and sentimentality. Let’s create memories together that stand testament to love, newborn photoshoot in Gurugram and cities across India such as Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Hisar, Rohtak etc.

Talk to Your Photographer

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Establishing a personal connection for a photo session that feels like home

Before the lens caps come off and the studio lights warm up, it’s essential that we sit down for an earnest dialogue. This preliminaries stage is where we align our visions, and as your photographer, I gain insight into the heart of what you’re looking to capture.

The Art of Understanding

These conversations traverse beyond the mere exchange of ideas. They’re where you share the anecdotes behind your family heirlooms, the quirks that bring your baby’s personality to life, and the tones that resonate with your family’s spirit. Newborn photoshoot in Gurgaon with me is an excellent way to do that

Getting It Right from the Start for the Newborn photoshoot in gurgaoN

During our initial talk, I learn about your preferred styles, color palettes, and the overarching atmosphere you want to immortalise. Whether you’re in the urban heart of Delhi or the tranquil lanes of Rohtak, our goal is to customise every snippet of the session to your narrative during the newborn photoshoot in Gurgaon, Delhi etc.

Preparing for the Session

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Each prop, each fabric, curated with the precision of a storyteller

As we near the day of the shoot, preparation is paramount—for both of us. The studio is your canvas, and the session is paint and brush bringing life to it. We have a step by step process that we have perfected with 1000+ baby photoshoot in Delhi, baby photoshoot in Gurgaon etc

Setting the Stage for Perfection

Your contribution to this preparation is as pivotal as mine. It could be a specific feeding time that we schedule around like the choice of a cherished lullaby to play in the studio. Or the selection of a unique outfit that speaks of your family’s cultural roots.

Ensuring Readiness

I’ll guide you through every step of preparation. This is where we fine-tune the specifics, like room temperature to keep your infant comfortable. Or the way we settle the baby down with music and swaddling.

Choosing the Best Time for newborn photoshoot in gurgaon

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When time pauses, capturing a palpable quietness and serenity in every frame

Your newborn is the sole focus, and their comfort dictates our schedule. Ideally, a baby photoshoot should be within two weeks after birth. During this time, they’re more likely to stay asleep longer and curl naturally into those dreamy newborn poses. So we always suggest parents to book their newborn photoshoot in Gurgaon at our studio before their delivery. Then coordinate with you to find a good date within 2 weeks of baby’s birth.

Synching with the New Rhythm

We understand that your newborn’s sleep cycle would be keeping you awake. While getting early on your newborn photoshoot day can look like an uphill task, it really helps in your newborn photoshoot. We leverage the time of day when your baby is most likely to be in deep slumber. Mostly its the early morning between 9-11am. We do all our newborn photoshoots in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR etc in early mornings.

Posing and Styling Tips for Stunning Newborbn Photoshoot in Gurgaon

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A newborn in a basket, adorned in subtle, elegant hues: Styling and posing that speak an unspoken language of love and nurture.

In every session, we aim to create images that are timeless. As we pose your newborn, my approach is to highlight the natural beauty and fragility of these early days with poses that are as genuine as they are graceful. We capture the baby’s innocence in its natural form and don’t let any element or prop become a distraction.

Harmony in Composition

The styling should never overshadow your baby’s innate charm. I navigate the complexity of styling with a nuanced hand, selecting textures and accessories that complement rather than compete with the delicacy of your newborn’s features.

Capturing the Essence during newborn photoshoot in gurgaon

Whether it’s delicate wraps from Europe or minimalistic backgrounds that underscore the softness of your baby’s gaze. Every element in our studio in Gurgaon is orchestrated to create a symphony of visual poetry. For all baby photoshoot, we ensure perfection in every element to ensure you have a great experience.

Tips for Involving Siblings and Parents in the baby photoshoot

baby photoshoot in delhi with parents shots
A photo that encapsulates love, where every family member’s presence is felt and cherished


The baby photoshoot is a celebration of your family’s growth and the deepening of bonds. When siblings and parents are involved, the photoshoot morphs into a beautiful family affair, capturing emotions that you’ll revisit with fondness.

The Collective Memory

In sometimes overlooked, fleeting interactions—a shared look, a kiss, or a protective embrace—lie the true essence of family. These natural moments are what I seek to immortalise through my lens. Together, in our studio or within the comfort of your home in Hisar, we craft portraits that speak volumes.

Embracing the Natural Flow for Newborn photoshoot in Gurgaon

Every member of the family brings a unique dynamic to the shoot. From the protective older brother in Gurgaon to the curious sister in Noida, each dynamic adds a layer of depth to the narrative of your family’s storyline.

In culminating these tips, my sole wish is to pave a path to a newborn photoshoot in Gurugram. A path that not only captures but celebrates the essence of your baby’s formative days. At ‘Memories by Barkha’, it’s not just about the images we capture. It is about the experiences we create throughout Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Hisar, and Rohtak. Please watch how newborn photoshoot is done by professional photographers – A behind the scene video of baby photoshoot in Gurgaon that I recently captured. Also watch the baby photoshoot of Debina bonnerjee that I recently did after doing maternity photoshoot of Debina Bonnerjee

Thank you for drawing the roadmap to your dream baby photoshoot in Gurgaon with me. Each photograph we take together is a bridge to the past preserved for an ever-evolving future. To book a baby photoshoot in Gurgaon or baby photoshoot in Delhi or baby photoshoot in Noida or Baby photoshoot in Faridabad, please connect with use over call. All details are mentioned on our website



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