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One month baby photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

Capturing those first breaths, sleepy yawns, and wide-eyed wonders of your newborn baby is akin to bottling a treasure trove of golden moments. It’s Barkha here, guiding you through the timeless journey of baby photography at ‘Memories by Barkha’. We bask in the glow of new life at our premium maternity photography studio nestled in Gurugram. It’s natural for parents from Delhi to Noida, Faridabad, Hisar, Rohtak to wonder: what is the best age for a baby photoshoot? Each stage of your baby’s growth offers a new perspective and unique essence to capture and is the best age for baby photoshoot. Let us delve into the different timelines that make every baby photoshoot session special. For baby photoshoot in Delhi, baby photoshoot in Gurgaon, baby photoshoot in Noida and NCR, do read the below and get in touch with us

2 – 3 Weeks Old baby photoshoot (Under one month baby photoshoot)

One month baby photoshoot in Delhi Blue color theme
Discover the unfolding expressions of your infant, a mosaic of tranquility and emerging personality between 2 to 3 weeks

The early weeks of infancy are not just tender—they’re a whirlwind of rapid development. While industry standards suggest the earlier, the better, a baby between 2 and 3 weeks brings something magical to the lens. It is the nascent personality peeking through their growing interactions with the world.

Perfect Moments Aren’t Time-Bound and each moment is the best age

  • 2-3 weeks is the best time for newborn photoshoot. At this age the baby is really tiny and we are able to get the cutest curly, swaddled up shots. WE always recommend to get the baby photoshoot done during this age.
  • Slightly Older, Still Golden: Not all families can make it to a studio in those first 14-21 days, but no worries! Babies up to 6 weeks old still curl easily into those classic newborn poses while beginning to give us more awake shots.
  • Flexibility in Scheduling: For the families bustling through Delhi or the tranquil spaces of Rohtak, finding time can be challenging. This timespan allows more flexibility to schedule a session that fits your family’s timeline. We recommend to book your baby photoshoot during your pregnancy time itself so that you can plan for the shoot easily.

7 Weeks – 2 Months(Post one month baby photoshoot)

One month baby photoshoot - Floral wreath prop
Embrace the fullness of expression as your baby navigates the 4-week to 2-month landscape, from soft glimpses of recognition to endearing grins

As your baby ventures beyond the 6-week mark, they slowly sail into the age of interactions and recognition. While they may be more awake and less moldable, this age is every bit as photo-worthy.

Capturing the Awakening through baby photoshoot

  • Awake Portraits: Gazing into the camera, reacting to gentle stimuli—we capture the purest forms of awakening curiosity.
  • Emerging Smiles: A grin here, a smirk there—these are the milestone expressions parents, long to preserve.
  • Growing Personalities: The burgeoning of their little but growing personality is an adventure, one that you’ll want to remember and cherish.

So in case you miss the under one month baby photoshoot mark, you can definitely go for this baby photoshoot milestone. Most young parents get their both maternity photoshoot in Delhi or Maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon and then the baby photoshoot with us.

3 – 5 Months baby photoshoot

Three month baby photoshoot - Blue flower theme
From tentative tummy time to joyful giggles, the 3–5-months period pulsates with vibrant firsts, awaiting to be immortalised

Navigating their third to fifth month, babies blossom well beyond their newborn phase. This is a time rich with vibrant firsts: stronger necks, bolder movements, and playful interactions.

A Time of Dynamic Firsts and how baby photoshoot helps in this

  • Tummy Time Champions: Robust necks support cherubic heads, inviting a whole new realm of playful poses.
  • Grabbing Attention (and Toes): Babies begin discovering their own hands and feet, an adorable feat that deserves to be captured.
  • Sitter Preparations: As they prepare to sit, capturing their effort in this phase is as touching as it is commendable. Its a nod to growth and perseverance.

For the cheerful parents, these moments mark the exponential growth of their cherubs into individuals. This milestone is a beautiful one to capture the memories of your growing little one in a beautiful baby photoshoot.

6 – 10 Months

6 month baby photoshoot in Delhi - purple flowers theme
Witness your baby, from sittings to pre-steps, in an era budding with activity between 6 to 10 months

Reaching the 6-10 months milestone is like watching a flower bloom. Babies in this bracket are often sitting up, some are crawling, and most are bursting with personality.

The Thriving Stage and the age for photoshoot

  • Sitters and Crawlers: Sit unassisted, conquer the living room floor with a crawl—each is a contagious spectacle.
  • The Harmony of Interaction: Babies start to interact with the environment, a chance to use props creatively to narrate a story of discovery.
  • Celebration of Mobility: The visual representation of your baby’s growing independence is a profound image of progress and maturation.

With beautiful sitting shots, this is a beautiful milestone for a baby photoshoot. Do book your baby photoshoot in Noida, baby photoshoot in Gurgaon or baby photoshoot in Delhi with us 4-6 weeks in advance.

11 – 13 Months baby photoshoot

One year baby photoshoot in Delhi - Brands shopping theme
Chronicle the grand celebration of year one, an epic milestone with laughter, and perhaps, the first cake tasting

Approaching their first birthday, babies are on the cusp of toddlerhood. They are embracing the world with newfound vigour, and often, a sense of adventure that begs to be captured.

Emergence Into Toddlerhood

  • Upward and Onward: Standing, perhaps even walking, babies showcase their tenacity and eagerness to explore.
  • Personality Peaks: No longer just an infant, the baby’s individuality is resolute, their likes and dislikes. Their joys and wariness, all painted vividly across their actions.
  • Celebration Shots: For many, this age coincides with the first birthday—a celebration that deserves more than just a snapshot. It’s the commemoration of a year of breathtaking growth.

One year baby photoshoots are one of the cutest. They are one of the best ways to celebrate family time before the birthday photoshoot of the baby.

COnclusion- one month baby photoshoot)

For best newborn photoshoot, you should definitely get the baby photoshoot done under one month age. In case due to any reason, you miss this milestone, you can definitely plan for many more beautiful milestones till one year age of the baby.

In each of these phases, your baby has a story to tell. Moreover, these stories are rich with moments that are indeed worth capturing. At ‘Memories by Barkha’, I strive to ensure that the photoshoot will be a treasure you’ll hold dear. It is a fact that it is never too late to capture the beauty of your child’s growth and every age is the best age for baby photoshoot.

For best maternity photoshoot in Delhi, maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, maternity photoshoot in Noida do book us 4-6 weeks in advance. For any of the milestones of the baby – For baby photoshoot in noida, baby photoshoot in delhi, baby photoshoot in Gurgaon, NCR. Do book us 1-2 months in advance,



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