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Lifestyle maternity photography in Delhi angelic wings shot

Hello expecting mommies. I am Barkha Agarwal. Your friend and guide for your beautiful maternity photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR. I am your storyteller, capturing your unique personality to make your journey to motherhood special. There are three key benefits of lifestyle maternity photography. Let me take you through them and share that how lifestyle maternity photography transforms your pregnancy memories intro timeless treasures.

1. Memories that last a lifetime:Capturing them in Lifestyle maternity Photography

lifestyle maternity photography in Gurgaon
Timeless treasures captured in every moment – Lifestyle maternity photography preserves memories that last a lifetime

In the world of lifestyle maternity, each photograph is a chapter in the story of your pregnancy. Beyond posed portraits, we delve into the natural, unscripted moments that convey the raw emotions and joy unique to your journey. These are not just pictures; they are memories frozen in time, preserving the essence of your pregnancy journey for generations to come. Please refer to our portfolio at – Maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon images

2. Unique and personalised photos

lifestyle maternity photography in Delhi
Your story, your way – Lifestyle maternity photography creates personalized and unique portraits that reflect your individual journey

My lifestyle maternity photography style is modern and elegant with a personal touch to every photoshoot. I make sure that in my lifestyle maternity photography sessions, I capture your real self – your emotions, your journey and your personal style. This results in collection of authentic images that truly represent your pregnancy journey. To watch how our maternity photoshoot sessions are, you can refer to our youtube channel – behind the scenes of maternity photoshoots

3. Professional expertise and equipment in our lifestyle maternity photography

Debina bonnerjee maternity photoshoot
Famous TV Actress Debina Bonnerjee and Gurmeet Chaudhary

Whether it is the lighting equipment or the camera used, we use the best possible equipments for our lifestyle maternity photography sessions. As a Canon Maestro awardee and an experienced baby and maternity photographer with over 15 years of passion, I bring highest skill and expertise in every baby and maternity photoshoot. From the perfect pose, to composition and lighting, every detail is planned well to create images that are unique and truly you. Further, our state-of-the-art studio and top-notch equipments guarantee the quality that defines our brand.

Tips for a Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session:

1. Choose the right location for your lifestyle maternity photography session: Selecting the perfect location is essential for a successful lifestyle maternity photoshoot. Whether it’s the beautiful backdrops and setups of our studio or the comfort of your home, or a beautiful outdoor setting, right location sets the stage for capturing genuine moments that reflect your journey.

2. Keep it simple: In lifestyle maternity photography, we always prefer simplicity to highlight your genuine personality and emotions. From minimalistic and clean setups, to a beautiful lighting, keeping it simple ensures that the focus remains on you. Further, refer to my recent blog on popular maternity poses for help

3. Be patient: Patience is the biggest asset, especially in capturing candid and natural moments. The beauty of lifestyle maternity photography lies in waiting for those unscripted, genuine expressions of you and your partner. Be patient, relax, and let the moments unfold naturally – the resulting maternity images will be worth the wait.


Embrace the magic of lifestyle maternity photography with Memories by Barkha, where every maternity session is also a celebration of your unique pregnancy journey. From timeless memories to the simplicity of candid moments, let’s create an unforgettable session together through the lifestyle maternity photography. Book your session now and let’s capture the essence of your maternity journey. Refer to my recent blog on best time for your maternity photoshoots, to book your session

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