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Best month for maternity photoshoot

Pregnancy is life transforming journey. The changes your body undergoes to nurture and support a growing life create a treasure of experiences, some joyous and some challenging. This period of transformation passes swiftly, and soon, you’ll be cradling your precious newborn. Preserving this magical time through professional maternity photography is a beautiful way to freeze these fleeting moments. It allows you to remember about the extraordinary feeling of carrying your baby and show your child their early days inside your womb when they are old enough to grasp this wonder. So naturally expecting mothers would think that when is the best time for a maternity photoshoot?

Maternity Photoshoot Everything You Need To Know ABOUT

Which month is best for pregnancy photos?

Every photographer has their own perspective on when to capture maternity photographs during your pregnancy. However, a common consensus points to the optimal time being between 30 to 36 weeks. This corresponds to months 7 and 8 of pregnancy, where your bump is nicely rounded and yet comfortable, resulting in the most flattering photographs. It also ensures the photos are taken before reaching full-term at 37 weeks since this cherished time can’t be revisited once your baby has arrived.

Is the maternity photoshoot timing different for twins or triplets’ pregnancy?

Pregnancies vary, and some might involve twins, triplets, or the possibility of an early delivery. If you find yourself in such a situation, please don’t worry. While the 30-36 week guideline is a common recommendation, it’s essential to understand that it’s a flexible guideline, not a rigid rule. In special circumstances, like an early delivery risk, discussing your unique situation with your photographer for best time of a maternity photoshoot. They can guide you on the best approach and the types of photographs that can be captured earlier in your pregnancy 

When Should You Book Your Maternity Photo Shoot?

Booking your maternity photo session at the right time is crucial. Most photographers recommend securing a slot soon after your 12 or 20-week scan. Given the limited flexibility in scheduling the shoot due to the optimal time window, early booking increases the likelihood of securing the date and time that suits you best. Additionally, it provides ample time to plan the shoot, tailoring it to your preferences and expectations. A well planned maternity photoshoot can be a magical experience for the expecting couple. Watch this beautiful maternity photoshoot as a reference

Book your maternity photoshoot soon and preserve these memories forever

Amidst the excitement of pregnancy – choosing baby essentials, contemplating birthing options, considering names, and attending prenatal appointments – it’s easy to overlook arranging a maternity photoshoot. However, this article aims to shed light on the appropriate timings, allowing you to plan this significant event in advance. Understanding these timings ensures you can orchestrate your own photoshoot well within the ideal timeframe.

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