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Greetings expecting mothers! I’m Barkha Agarwal, the creative eye behind Memories by Barkha, and I’m here to address a common question: Can you get your maternity shoot done in the 36th week? In this blog, we’ll explore the perfect maternity photoshoot timing. We will consider various factors that make your journey unique. Remember maternity photoshoot is not just about capturing your physical beauty during pregnancy. Its really about capturing your bond with the baby. Its about capturing your emotions and personality in the most personalised manner and for that timing of your maternity photoshoot does play an important role.

1. What is the ideal Maternity Photoshoot timing?

Maternity photoshoot timing
Embrace the beauty of your blossoming journey – Memories by Barkha captures the essence of your pregnancy at the perfect moment

As the glow of pregnancy becomes more pronounced, many mothers wonder about the ideal time for a maternity shoot. We recommend scheduling your session between the 30th and 34th weeks. During this period, your belly is beautifully rounded, and you’re likely to feel comfortable and at your radiant best. In case you are not able to do your maternity photoshoot in 30-34 weeks then yes you can get your maternity photoshoot done in 36 weeks but preferred weeks would be 30-34 weeks. I have captured details around ideal time of maternity photoshoot in my recent blog

2. Not All Pregnancies Are the Same

Ideal time for maternity photoshoot 36 weeks
Each pregnancy is different and Special

Every pregnancy is unique, and the timing of your maternity shoot should reflect that. Some mothers may feel energised and comfortable up to the last weeks, while others may experience fatigue sooner. It’s essential to listen to your body and choose a timeframe that aligns with your physical and emotional well-being. You should really enjoy your maternity photoshoot to the fullest. For you and your husband it should be a time off from everything else and s moment to be just with each other and the baby. So based on when you feel you would be most comfortable for your maternity photoshoot, plan your maternity photoshoot timing accordingly. For lot of maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR, we have covered maternity shoots from 26 weeks to 37 weeks as well.

3. When to Book Maternity Photos When Expecting Twins or Triplets

Twin baby photoshoot in Delhi
Twin newborn photoshoot

If you’re expecting twins or triplets, the timeline for your maternity photoshoot may vary. Given the likelihood of an earlier delivery, it’s advisable to plan your session around the 28th week of pregnancy. This timeframe ensures we capture the beauty of your multiple pregnancies while prioritising your comfort and safety. With twins to triplets, 27-28th week is also ideal because the bump size is perfect for the maternity photoshoot and you enjoy to the fullest during this time. At memories by Barkha, we have been fortunate to capture lot of twin newborn photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR. Its always double the fun with two newborns together.

4. COnclusion: ideal maternity photoshoot timing

Silhouette maternity pose in Delhi
Silhouette maternity pose

In the final weeks of your pregnancy, emotions run high, and the anticipation of meeting your little one grows. While the 36th week is a popular choice, remember that the right time for your maternity photoshoot ultimately depends on your unique circumstances. Trust your instincts, communicate your preferences, and let Memories by Barkha create a timeless collection of maternity memories. Read our recent blog on how to choose the best maternity photographer.

Choosing the right timing for your maternity photoshoot is a personal decision, and Memories by Barkha is here to make it a seamless and memorable experience. Book your session between the 25-28th weeks or earlier so that you can get a comfortable slot for your maternity photoshoot. Barkha teaches maternity photography at international platforms. In her recent WPPI maternity session at Las Vegas, US, she taught high fashion maternity to international photographers. The ideal time suggested in this article are followed globally today. Book your maternity photoshoot in Delhi, Gurgaon NCR today.



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