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Indian style maternity photoshoot

Namaste to all the radiant mothers-to-be! I’m Barkha Agarwal, the creative force behind Memories by Barkha, and I’m thrilled to guide you through the essence of an Indian-style maternity photoshoot.Let’s explore the top three elements that can elevate your photoshoot into a cultural masterpiece, capturing the beauty and grace of Indian motherhood.

1. Choice of Saree and Jewellery for Indian style maternity photoshoot

Embracing the richness of Indian tradition, the choice of your Saree and Jewellery holds immense significance. Your Saree should not only complement your personality but also harmonise with the colour palette that resonates with the vibrancy of Indian culture. Opt for hues that evoke warmth and elegance. Jewellery, while an essential element, should play a supporting role, enhancing your beauty without overshadowing your bump or the overall vibrancy of the image. Remember, it’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of your heritage, style and individuality. Ready me blog on top reasons to get a maternity photoshoot done.

I recently did an Indian style maternity shoot in a Sabyasachi Saree. The overall vision was to create a very unique and royal look that accentuates the personality of our beautiful mom to be. It was a House of Masaba Inspired maternity photoshoot. The way House of Masaba wedding campaign with Kareena Kapoor Khan for their bridal dress, similarly, we created something similar for our very graceful mom to be. Have a look at the behind the scenes of Indian style maternity photoshoot in this video

Masaba Inspired Indian style maternity shoot in a beautiful Sabyasachi Saree. ]]
Indian style maternity photoshoot
Indian Style maternity photoshoot

2. Choice of Setup and BackdropS for Indian style maternity photoshoot


The magic of an Indian-style maternity shoot lies in the meticulous choice of setup and backdrops. Every element – from the backdrop to props, decorations, and the overall setup – should seamlessly complement your chosen Saree style and colour. Consider incorporating traditional elements like flowers, drapes, or cultural symbols to add authenticity. The right setup elevates your photoshoot from a mere session to an artistic vision, telling a story that resonates with your culture and personality.

Indian Style maternity photoshoot
Create a vision with the perfect setup and backdrop for your Indian-style maternity photoshoot

Your Maternity Photographer

In the realm of an Indian-style maternity shoot, your photographer is the key to unlocking the true essence of the experience. Beyond technical skills and lighting expertise, your photographer becomes your stylist, weaving the cultural tapestry into every frame. At Memories by Barkha, we pride ourselves on a photography style that is modern, elegant, and truly world-class. With a keen eye for emotions and a passion for storytelling, we capture the beauty, grace, and cultural richness of your journey to motherhood. Watch this beautiful behind the scene of an Indian-style maternity shoot that I did in 2021

Behind the scenes of Indian-style maternity photoshoot: 2021 behind the scenes

Conclusion: Celebrate Your Indian style maternity photoshoot with Memories by Barkha

As we conclude this journey into the heart of Indian-style maternity photoshoots, remember that it’s not just about capturing moments. It is also about celebrating your culture and embracing the uniqueness of your journey. Memories by Barkha is not just a brand. It is also a curator of cultural narratives, dedicated to capturing the emotions and essence of your Indian-style maternity experience. We have been fortunate to have covered the maternity photoshoot in Gurgaon, Delhi for 1000s of Moms

Further, to book your Indian-style maternity shoot in Delhi, Gurgaon, and embark on this cultural celebration, visit our website Also, give us a call at +91-8595419756. Let’s weave your story together!



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