Best baby photoshoot and cake smash photoshoot in India

Barkha is known as the best baby photographer and best cakesmash photographer in India. She makes sure that she captures the growing up baby really well.Barkha suggests to get a baby photoshoot done at important milestones like 3 months, 6 months and then 12 months cakesmash photoshoot. Barkha teaches baby photography to lot of budding photograpgers throughout India. She has thousands of followers throughout India who love Barkha's creativity in baby photography.
Cakesmash photoshoots are the most fun filled photoshoots as the one year old actually enjoys the cakesmash photoshoot and the parents love watching it. Barkha always ensures that the baby remains the focus of every baby photoshoot and does not get overshadowed in fsncy setups. Barkha creates the most beautiful setups in her unique style and gets the best of the backdrops and baby photoshhot props from throughout the world. Barkha has been awarded the Canon Maestro title for her baby photography and she has received multiple international awards in US, Europe and Australia for the cakesmash photography. Barkha also teaches baby photography to the budding baby photographers throughout India.
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Best baby photographer and cakesmash photographer in India

While Barkha does maternity photoshoot, baby photoshoot, family photoshoots etc, the three most preferred photoshoots are maternity photoshoots, newborn photoshoots and the cakesmash photoshoots. At the 1 year birthday party, it often happens that it gets too overwhelming for the one year old. Instead, in the cakesmash photoshoot the kid actually enjoys the smashing the cake.

For baby photography, Barkha always ensures that the baby is comfortable and is enjoying. She brings the unique combination of creating the prettiest setups and at the same time Barkha is amazing with kids and has huge patience to engage and play with kids during the baby photoshoot so that the kid is comfortable. She snsures that during the baby photoshoot is is able to capture the chuckles and naughtiness of the baby in its innate form. Barkha is considered the best baby photographer and the best cakesmash photographer of India. Whether its Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Surat, Ahemdabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh etc, budding photographers from all of the cities learn baby photography from Barkha during her webinars and live sessions on baby photography.



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