Best baby photoshoot and cakesmash photoshoot in Noida

While photographing a baby is beautiful and fun at any age, Barkha recommenda to get it definitely done at 3 months, 6 months and then 12 months cakesmash photoshoot. These are important growing up milestones of a baby. Barkha is known as the best baby photographer and best cakesmash photographer in Noida. She infact ran a home studio in Noida for over an year before starting her full time commerical Gurgaon studio.
Barkha ensures that she captures each milestone of the growing up baby really well. Cakesmash photoshoots are amazing. One year old actually enjoys smashing the cake and and the parents snd grandpsrents love watching the baby photoshoot. Whole family enjoys together during baby photoshoot. Barkha is one of the few baby photographers who create their own props. She creates the most beautiful setups and gets the best of the backdrops and props from throughout the world like US, Europe and Southeast Asia to create beautiful cakesmash photoshoot sessions. Barkha has been awarded with the Canon Maestro title for her baby photography and she has received multiple international awards(US, Europe and Australia) for the cakesmash photography.
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Best baby photographer and cakesmash photographer in Noida

The three mostloved photoshoots during pre and post pregnancy are maternity photoshoots, newborn photoshoots and the cakesmash photoshoots. While in the 1 year birthday parties, often the baby does not enjoy as it gets too crowded and overwhelming for the baby, in a cakesmash photoshoot, baby actually enjoys and has lot of fun.

Barkha loves baby photography and her primary focus is always the comfort of the baby. She creates amazing setups with props and backdrops purchased from US, Europe and Southeast Asia. Barkha is amazing with kids and has huge patience to engage with kids during the baby photoshoot. She captures the chuckles and naughtiness of the baby.

Barkha is considered the best baby photographer and the best cakesmash photographer in Noida. Earlier parents got the baby photoshoot and the cakesmash photoshoot at Barkha’s home studio in Noida and now every day lot of parents travel to Barkha’s Gurgaon studio from Noids to get beautiful baby photoshoot done.



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