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Every few days, I try and add a new style to my maternity photoshoot collection. This time I did an Indian style maternity photoshoot. Especially after Sonam Kapoor released her maternity images in Indian outfit, throughout the globe, there was this sudden demand of maternity photoshoots in Saree. Lot of my global peers in US, Europe and Australia suddenly started looking for inspiration for Indian style Maternity photoshoot, Indian Sarees etc.

As a creator I always bring my own style to any concept and I absolutely loved doing this shoot in my own style. I captured a detailed Maternity photoshoot video with lot of behind the scenes. 

My style is always graceful,clean and modern. I always focus on capturing the emotions of the expecting mom and her bond with the baby. We did the photoshoot at our studio in Gurgaon. From the choice of the saree colour, to how the Saree would be draped so that it looks both classy and modern, to the beautiful backdrop, we ensured every tiny detail adds to the perfect shot. Props and items in the backdrop were carefully chosen to add to the look. Jewellery always adds beauty to a Saree and we selected it carefully for it to not be distracting and yet gracefully adding to the beauty of the expecting mom

Final shot is here:

You can view more images on my instagram:

After this photoshoot, lot of my clients asked me to do an Indian Style maternity photoshoot for them. I intend to explore different colours and variations for my future Indian style maternity photoshoots. If you are looking for maternity photoshoots in Gurgaon, Delhi, do reach out to me. I can be found on:

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